Monday, November 24, 2008

Pray Please

Well, the ugly C word (cancer) had to rear it's ugly head. Our family has been so fortunate for years not having to face that word and all that goes with it. We had many years that it felt like it was consuming our family. Loss after loss and finally freedom from it. So dear ones I am asking for prayer for my dad who was diagnosed with cancer and will have surgery in the coming weeks. Not sure of his prognosis but we are hopeful and so is his Doctor. I know God has glorious plans in all of this. I'm not always good at sharing my hurts or concerns. I always try to be head cheerleader but this time I need a cheer block of my very own praying for our family and lifting us up.
So, this Thanksgiving like so many others I will be thankful for our health , our loved ones and that we can gather together.
Thank you prayer warriors and you sweet faithful friends.

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grannyval said...

We love you for the wonderful caring daughter you are.We will all get through this and something good will prevaile.Shared this entry with Dad he was greatful for your feelings and prayer request.You are one of a kind special woman. HUGS LOL