Sunday, November 2, 2008

Parent Day

It was a beautiful November day in Southern Indiana. This is one of our favorite spots at Hanover. You can see the colors are changing and the Ohio River was calm and steady. We got to see our girl and she loved her dresses. We went to lunch with her and her very best friend and BFF's parents. It was nice getting to know this family. Emilee and Kyra spend a lot of time together. We also checked out the sorority she is going to rush and we were pleasantly surprised. It is a beautiful house and the girls have very high GPA's. We'll see how things go. We got to attend a home football game and did I mention it was 72 degrees? It was a lovely day. Hubby and I enjoyed the drive and spend quality time together. Just like the old days. It's so nice that after 25 years of marriage we are still best friends. We talked about everything.
We came home to a wonderful fall party at a friends. Bonfire, hotdogs and hayride included. What a wonderful weekend. Hope yours was a treat!!

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