Monday, November 17, 2008

Neat Opportunity

This past Friday I had the opportunity to have lunch with Congressman Mike Pence's wife and it was great to meet her. She spoke on the importance of using the opportunities we are given right now to be a doer. She said her husband could be out of office at any time and the doors that open now won't open when he is out. She is working with Riley Hospital in Indy to get Art Therapy available to all the sick children that stay there. She even had us do a quick exercise. We had to draw a self portrait but with sunglasses on. In those sunglasses we had to draw in the reflection something that we love or a place that makes us happy. It was fun to see every ones reflections. One older gal put a man with a horse. It was one of her favorite memories of her father. It was just neat to see how a simple drawing can say a thousand things. So I went away asking myself, am I taking advantage of opportunities I'm being given right now? Am I a doer?

As we enter into this season of giving I hope we can reflect on what Gods plans are and who he would like us to help.

If you have not read this book Christmas Jars check it out. It is such a simple way to be a family of doers.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh.. this book sounds amazing!! I'm going to have to peek into that!! and add it to my list!!